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Everyone is doing it

It is easy to create a profile on “insert your favorite social media outlet here” and upload a few pictures and create an event.  But what happens next?  Do you really have time to maintain a social media site on top of your already enormous list of duties?

Some people create social media accounts just because that’s what everyone else is doing. That is a mistake.  Unless you are prepared to maintain the site and nurture your online followers, you might be wasting your time.

Before you jump in, do a little research to find out the best way to attract customers with your online presence.  In our community, you can get free advice and research from the Wyoming Small Business Development Council ( In particular, Sarah Hamlin, Business Advisor for WSBDC can assist with social media marketing and digital marketing.  Her background and expertise in this area is current and she can help you devise a plan that will point you and your business in the right direction. Although Sarah resides in Riverton, she can reach out to you in many ways including an online meeting where she can show you how to go about your social media strategy.  Did I mention that the services of the Wyoming Small Business Development Council are FREE! What are you waiting for?

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Ditch the Yellow Pages

If your business does not have a web presence, you may not have customers. A website is an extension of your business…and a place to provide in-depth details about your shop…more than you can fit on social media. People tend to let their fingers do the walking on an Internet search rather than a big book filled with little words and numbers.  They are going to search for you on their smartphone, and they will want to know if you have happy customers by reading reviews.

A book to help you get started is called “Small Business Smarts” by O’Leary, Steve Sheehan, Kim Lentz, Sterling and is published by ABC-CLIO, LLC.

Who is responsible for your business’s social media presence?

The owner? The manager? The receptionist? Everyone? Perhaps a plan really is in order. Should you post every day? Once a week? On Saturday? Maybe you really do need to make a social media plan so you can have a successful extension of your business through the media outlets that your customers enjoy.

Need more Education?

If you want a step-by-step approach to adding social media to your business, maybe a 12-week class is the right solution for you.  Take a look at the fall schedule at Western and consider the Social Media Management course (BOTK 2490 DNT). The course will be offered online and will begin September 18, 2-17. Sign up by contacting the ACE IT Center at (307) 382-1660 or


4 thoughts on “Everyone is doing it”

  1. Hi Leesa – Great blog! I love the simplicity of your site, it’s very clean and easy to use! Love that it’s broken up with the different headers. I like the Q&A section and how it’s set up!


  2. That is awesome a class is offered to help small businesses with their social media presence plan. The small business council helping put a plan in place is another great service offered. Great post!


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