Free and Easy Infographics

At a recent conference, I attended workshops on Infographics. Infographics have many uses online, especially in social media. Using graphics to present concepts and ideas in an educational setting is second nature; now add the flair of an online tool for some very sophisticated visuals. Two tools I experimented with during my workshop were and Canva. In about two hours, I had built an infographic in each of the applications. Taking time to learn on my own is often difficult. I appreciate focused learning at workshops such as these. Here is a brief description of each tool.

This tool is free and easy to use. That fits right in with the bud

LeesaFirstEaselly graphic by Leesa Lee

get of a teacher…the financial budget and the time budget! can be used to create graphics that a teacher can use to create visuals for printed items such as classroom posters or worksheets and it works great to make interesting online content.

Teachers can also ask students to use to create a poster project or online posts for their own assignment or websites. Templates are available or the user can start fresh with a design of their own. This allows for creativity that can enrich and personalize learning for a student. The following example (no laughing) shows the evolution of keyboarding. My first creation chronicled keyboarding.

Each “bit” of information on the infographic is editable. All of the red and black shapes were modified as well as the dates on the signs.  Once a project is finished, there are several options for saving and easy links to social media sites. A quick review by me:  the application was very easy to use. No complaints for the price. I


From the start, I felt like Canva offered a more professional look than Ease

Why you need the national business education association
Canva graphic by Leesa Lee Canva is also free to use with limitations on choices, but still enough to get going and create a nice infographic. Canva uses a drag-and-drop design method like many design programs. The simplicity over full programs like Photoshop is welcomed for design beginners like me. My first creation in Canva was a graphic about the National Business Education Association.

I started with a template and made changes to the text, icons, and colors to create a graphic that was formatted for Pinterest.  Students in my business information systems classes will be learning about infographics in the near future and I will be using Canva for their lessons.

A quick review by Leesa: I was pleased with the simplicity of this application and I plan to use it as I move forward with my blog.

I look forward to discussion about other graphic tools that are good for education and educators. What tools do you use for infographics?


11 thoughts on “Free and Easy Infographics”

  1. Great blog post! I was familiar with Canva but had never heard of That is interesting that you mentioned you feel it would be a good tool for teachers as I homeschool my son. I will definitely test it out and create some graphics for our review lessons over the summer break. If it’s anything like Canva I am sure I will enjoy it. I love the ease of Canva and the ability to create professional looking graphics.


  2. Great post! I also enjoy learning about new apps! I will check these out and hopefully be making my own graphics soon.!


  3. These are great apps and will squelch the envy I have of my peers who can create great infographics. Have you ever used piktochart? If yes, what is the comparison to these two apps? SLYork


  4. I’ve actually never heard of in my 3ish years of blogging, but I’m a huge fan of Canva. I have the business upgraded and use it almost every single day for my site. It’s a super easy way to create graphics and is awesome for those who either don’t have Photoshop or aren’t as tech saavy with those types of programs. I actually own Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign (and am well-versed in all three) and 9 times out of 10, I’ll still use Canva because it’s THAT quick and easy.


  5. I read your post earlier in the week (linked from Twitter!) and had to circle back to tell you how much I liked it. Great information and I appreciate the personal review. I love Infographics, they are my favorite thing about Pinterest. I’m going to download one of the apps and give it a try!


  6. Fun and informational read. Win! I could not get the infographic to enlarge when I clicked on it, so was not able to read the specifics. I love the color and the photos you used. Really caught my attention!


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